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Jack T. McCord – President and Chief Executive Officer

Jack T. McCord (date of birth 5/25/46) has a Bachelor of Arts degree in economics from Grinnell College. In 1983 he was one of the first to be admitted to the Registry of Financial Planning Practitioners. He has also been admitted to the ICFP Registry of CFP Licensed Practitioners.

From May 1981 to June of 1985 he served as executive vice president of Financial Planning Advisors Inc. in La Jolla, California. He became the president of Vari Investor Services in 1982. Prior to this he was an owner, founder, and officer of Financial Planning Consultants, Inc, a San Diego based Registered Investment Advisor which specialized in the preparation and implementation of financial plans for individuals and small corporations.

He began his career with the Investment Management Trust of Boston in 1967 and continued by working as a portfolio manager with Mansfield Mills, Inc. in La Jolla from 1971 to 1973. His career was interrupted from 1968 to 1970 when he served as a Peace Corps volunteer helping to establish multipurpose farmers' cooperatives in Malaysia.

He is a past president of the San Diego Chapter of the International Association for Financial Planning and served for four years on the National Board of Directors of the Institute of Certified Financial Planners. He also served on the Board of Governors of the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards from 1992 to 1996.

Julie Jeffries – Operations Administrator

Ms. Jeffries joined the firm in 1996 and is responsible for client account administration, which includes placing trades authorized by the investment advisors. She was previously employed in the trust department of a local La Jolla bank and as an operations administrator for a local investment management company.

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